MA LTC License To Carry
Get your MA-LTC   in Berkshire County

MA State Police Basic Firearm Safety (LTC-001)
NRA Basic Pistol Course (LTC-002)
NRA Home Safety Course (LTC-007)
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*** May 2018 Class - Date to be Determined ***
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    Where is the class?
  • Pittsfield, MA
    Who takes this class?
  • MA Residents:
  • Men
  • Women
  • Young Adults
    What are the ages?
  • 15-18 (w/ parent)
  • 18+ (FID)
  • 21+ (LTC)
    How long is the class?
  • approx. 4+ hrs
    What day is the class?
  • One (1) Saturday afternoon
    What does it cost?
  • $75 per person
  • Non-Refundable
    Do I need experience?
  • No, Just Enthusiasm
Firearm Safety Instruction
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MA State Police
I offer Massachusetts State Police approved training in the Berkshires
for those interested in:
[A] Obtaining their Massachusetts Class A License To Carry (LTC),
[B] Obtaining their Firearm Identification Card (FID),
[C] Simply gaining educational knowledge.

Those seeking a Mass firearms license must present their certificate of completion of this class, along with their formal application to their local licensing authority.
The course I teach for Mass. firearm licensing certification is the National Rifle Association (NRA) Basic Pistol Course classroom curriculum. This is the most popular course approved by the NRA. It is perfect for those with no experience with firearms, as well as education for those who have experience. Both men and women are equally encouraged to attend.

The class is a one-day attendance, which lasts approximately 4 hours, pending the size and activity of the classroom. Certificates are issued upon the completion of the course.
NRA Instructor
I hold certifications from the NRA and the Massachusetts State Police.
Your classroom experience includes presentation by the instructor, as well as hands-on experimentation with real and simulation firearms and gear. There is no "live-fire" shooting in this class. NO Live Ammunition is allowed in the classroom.

Your MA-LTC allows you to purchase and be in possession of ammunition, hand guns, and long guns within the state. It authorizes you to carry concealed a firearm anywhere you are legally authorized to do so. There are currently as many as 21 (subj to change) other states will honor your MA-LTC as you travel, also.


  • Duties of Responsible
    Gun Ownership.
  • The Rules for Safe
    Gun Handling.
  • The Fundamentals of
    Pistol Shooting.
  • Identify types of handguns
    and ammunition.
  • Methods for proper
    maintenance and cleaning
    of your firearm.
  • Selecting the right handgun
    for you.
  • MA Laws re the proper
    transportation and storage
    of firearms.

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Rules for Gun Safety
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